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Why Nolathane your Small Car

If your car gets you from A to B, worn suspension components could not only end up costing you but also create instability whist cornering. Many small front wheel drive hatchback vehicles tend to “pull” to the left whilst driving in a straight line, which actually causes uneven tyre wear and in no time you need to replace your tyres which can hit your hip pocket hard.

Fitting Nolathane’s affordable offset or adjustable caster bushes to the lower front control arms corrects this problem. Also your vehicles body roll whilst cornering is managed by a sway/ stabiliser bar that’s connected by 2 mounting points and end links to your cars chassis. Its quite common for these the mounts and links to wear or even break which can create excess body roll and a more unstable vehicle whilst cornering.

In order to keep you car cheap to run, reliable and safe, here are some key suspension areas that you should have checked and maintained regularly:

  • Front control arms
  • Front sway bar mounts
  • Front sway bar links
  • Rear control arms
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