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Why Nolathane your Small Car

Keep your small car cheap to run with these tips from Larko

If your car gets you from A to B, worn suspension components could not only end up costing you but also create instability whist cornering. Worn suspension components can have considerable impact on steering, response and safety. Here are some critical areas of the front suspension to keep in check to ensure your small car remains reliable and safe!



Most would agree that the time and stress to remove and replace bushings and ball joints to suspension arms can be hard to justify. Making up press tools and damaging arms are just two of the problems one can endure. Why put yourself through it when you can purchase complete arms, fitted with known and trusted Nolathane bushings and premium quality ball joints. FWD Control Arms


Also your vehicles body roll whilst cornering is managed by a sway/ stabiliser bar that’s connected by 2 mounting points and end links to your cars chassis. It’s quite common for these the mounts and links to wear or even break which can create excess body roll and a more unstable vehicle whilst cornering.

FWD Away Bar Links and Mounts

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