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Why Nolathane your 4x4

Whilst modern 4WD’s have improved, they remain a compromise between ride, handling and traction in both on and offroad situations. Tyre wear on larger 4WD’s can be an issue, and raising these vehicles can make the situation worse. Accordingly, many large, raised 4WD’s suffer from nervous steering and vibration at highway speeds.

Nolathane polyurethane suspension bushings synchronise your 4WD suspension system for optimal safety, handling & performance. They are the most positive link between your vehicle and it’s springs, shocks and other suspension components. Unlike soft rubber bushings, which distort under braking, cornering or towing loads, Nolathane polyurethane bushings maintain alignment settings and offer complete reliability.

Nolathane is for those who don’t want to compromise safety and require the best in suspension performance.
When towing the need for controlled suspension is even greater.

Nolathane offers greater alignment capabilities resulting in optimum suspension settings for improved tyre wear.

Nolathane offset bushings are essential on raised vehicles to restore caster and reduce nervous steering at highway speeds.

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