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Why Nolathane your Family Wagon

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Whether it’s taking the kids to school, holiday highway driving or towing the boat, worn suspension components can not only ruin your trip but put you and your family’s safety at risk. If when driving your vehicle, you notice a change in its handling behaviour, ride quality or even braking abilities, majority of motorists automatically assume its worn brakes, tyres or shock absorbers. It is highly likely your vehicle is suffering from worn suspension and steering components.

Suspension bushings are the link between your vehicle and it’s springs, struts and shock absorbers. Suspension bushings provide the movement and/ or mounting points in your vehicle’s suspension system. Hence these suspension components can influence both the ride quality, steering feel, as well as the grip of the tyres, performance of the brakes, and stability of the shock absorbers. Should these suspension components be worn, an unpredictable and more to the point unsafe motor vehicle can be the result.

Save you money
Commodore’s with Independent Rear Suspension that have been lowered or carry a load, suffer from poor wheel alignment and resulting uneven rear tyre wear. If unaddressed, results in a ¼ of the tyre’s life being achieved (that’s 10,000km’s instead of 40,000km’s) not to mention the cost of frequently replacing them. This can be easily rectified with the Nolathane IRS kit that can be fitted in two stages, and adjusts rear wheel camber and toe to improve tyre life dramatically. Fitting of Nolathane camber and caster adjusting kits to the front of your Falcon can improve tyre life significantly. These kits replace the original mounts and bushings on the front upper control arms. Adjustment is via shims or screw adjustment that permit alignment correction.

If your VT-VZ Commodore squirms under braking or pulsates the brake pedal, then Nolathane has the answer. The original strut rod to chassis bush (mounted just below the bottom radiator support) is a relatively soft hydraulic or fluid filled bush. This soft bush takes most of the braking load as the vehicle wants to keep moving and the wheel tries to stop. The result is very little feedback through the brake pedal and in some vehicles, even if the front disc rotors are in good condition, a pulse can still be felt through the pedal. Whilst there is camber adjustment on these models via a camber pin at the base of the strut leg,there is no caster adjustment available. Nolathane's replacement strut rod to chassis bushings provide improved brake pedal feel without harshness and removes the squirming or wandering under braking. You can actually feel the difference!

In order to keep you car cheap to run, reliable and safe, here are some key suspension areas that you should have checked and maintained regularly:

  • Front control arms
  • Front strut/ radius rod
  • Front & rear sway bar mounts
  • Front & rear sway bar links
  • Rear control arms
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