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Nolathane offers a complete range of suspension systems, just browse thru our products online to find the best that suits your needs.

alignment correction bushesREPLACEMENT BUSHINGS
Suspension bushings are the link between your vehicle and it’s springs, struts and shock absorbers. Suspension bushings provide the movement and/or mounting points in your vehicle’s suspension system. Hence these suspension components can influence both the ride quality, steering feel, as well as the grip of the tyres, performance of the brakes, and stability of the shock absorbers. Should these suspension components be worn, an unpredictable and more to the point unsafe motor vehicle can be the result.

Unlike rubber, Nolathane polyurethane suspension bushings are not bonded by compression. Nolathane bushings are mechanically fitted with minimal crush of the urethane material, and the centre pin is lubricated so the component freely pivots without restriction. Combined with Nolathane's ability to maintain the bush shape, this free pivoting provides sharper handling response and greatly increased suspension control. Technical developments in suspension design have provided many of today’s vehicles much improved on-road handling. Using Nolathane suspension bushings ensures there is no weakness in the suspension and therefore maintains steering control.

Nolathane brings the following improvements to your suspension:

  • Outstanding abrasion resistance
  • High load bearing capability (4WD’s, utes and towing)
  • Flexibility
  • Increased tensile strength
  • Chemical resistance to oil, grease, ozone and weathering
  • Alignment correction via adjustable bushings

The result:

  • Enhanced road holding, steering and performance
  • Less change in suspension geometry under load, braking and through corners
  • Longer suspension life and less repair time
  • Longer tyre life

The range includes:

  • Nolathane Control Arm Bushings
  • Nolathane Spring Eye and Shackle Bushings
  • Nolathane Shock Absorber Bushings
  • Nolathane Steering Rack Bushings
  • Nolathane Sway Bar Mount & Link Bushings
  • Nolathane Trailing Arm Bushings
  • Nolathane Strut bar/ Radius Rod/ Caster bar Bushings
  • Nolathane Subframe & Differential bushings
  • Nolathane Panhard Rod Bushings
  • Nolathane Strut Mounts


swaybar links
Nolathane complete sway bar link kits are the total solution - they include all required links, bushings and hardware. Original sway bar links in Commodore, Falcon, Patrol, Subaru and Landcruiser are a regular replacement item. On most late model. Subaru’s the OE links are plastic and are prone to flex & cracking in high performance vehicles - Nolathane alloy sway bar link kits permit articulation of the axle whilst providing improved response that you can feel.


complete suspension arms
Commodore, Falcon, Nissan & Toyota Complete Suspension Arms - Don’t waste time with replacement of bushings or ball joints on popular suspension arms. If you or your customer does not have time or the specialist tools required you should consider the Nolathane Arm programme. Nolathane does not believe in the hassle of exchange programmes with deposits, paperwork and return freight, so all Nolathane


The Nolathane alignment correction product category is growing quickly as vehicles are made with less OE adjustment. The opportunity to use these products to tune the vehicle to our roads & your customer’s driving style is great and should be considered an integral part of suspension, tyre (and in some instances) brake services. Nolathane alignment products include:

  • Offset caster and or camber bush kits
  • Shim adjustable bush kits
  • Screw drive adjustable bush kits
  • Adjustable control arms
  • Adjustable strut mounts


Adjustable Panhard Rods - are essential ... on all raised vehicles to correct rear axle alignment. Raising the vehicle causes the OE panhard rod to re-align the axle toward the RHS. The heavy duty Nolathane design is adjustable and includes Nolathane bushings.


lowering blocksLOWERING BLOCKS & U BOLTS
Nolathane aluminium lowering blocks are the economical and quick way to lower many leaf sprung vehicles. Available in 1.5”, 2” & 2.5” for most applications. Today the lowering block market is not confined to old leaf sprung vehicles. The recent upsurge in utility sales have driven sales growth in lowering blocks. The Fast 4 category of utes such as Hilux, Navarra & Rodeo are being lowered and having bigger wheel & tyre packages installed every day. Additionally, the success of Ford’s Falcon ute and the Holden Crewman & 1 Tonner are a big part of the emerging sports ute category. These vehicles are also being transformed as they are ”dropped” or “decked” to improve handling and looks. Each kit contains: 1 pair of lowering blocks All Nolathane blocks 4 U bolts are extruded aluminium 8 serrated flange nuts for higher quality, ease Instructions of fitment

N.B. Check with your State Authority before fitting extra low kits

Nolathane U bolts are a cost effective solution for replacing old, rusted, damaged or broken U bolts on most leaf sprung trailers & vehicles. Each kit contains two U bolts and four serrated flange nuts - sufficient for one side only. Nolathane trailer U bolts are available in round & square top. All Nolathane U bolts are manufactured from OE grade steel and are zinc plated for protection against rust & corrosion.


Range consists of popular 4WD & light commercial spring eye & shackle bushings. N.B: Nolathane Budget Busters have a different part number system. By replacing the prefix 4 with KU and adding /100 as a suffix to denote packs of 100 bushings. The rest of the part No. remains the same.

Eg: KU7005/100 = 47005


Nolathane Vehicle Enhancement Kits contain the essential components to “Nolathane Your Car”. In some cases you will find combined front and rear kits or you can purchase front &/or rear separately. The concept is designed to assist in fast and efficient quoting of your bush requirements. The “Vech. Kit” column of the catalogue identifies items priced in the kit. That way you can either order the kit or make it up out of your stock. The Vehicle Enhancement Kits contain a voucher for a bonus set of sway bar mounts (where listed).


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